Both You and your Lodge will benefit from your perpetual membership!
Your dues can be paid for life for the equivalent twenty years dues.
Your Lodge will receive a dues payment in your name from the Grand Lodge of Florida
every year, even after you have passed.

Payment plan is available.
See our
Secretary for more information.

FMB362 Perpetual Members

W:. Kurt Reichenbecher
W:. Beaufort Bierce
David Casterioto
Kenneth Cooper
W:. Stacy Davis
W:. Matthew Hall
Frank Hardy
John Herman
R.W:. James Hogg
R.W:. Ed Lanham
W:. Dan Lumley
John Maloney
W:. Bobby Mimmo
W:. Charles Pack
Jim Phillips
Todd Porter
W:. Jerry Ralston
Earl Rausch
Walt Ryan
R.W:. Richard Tafel
Walter Williams

W:. Lauren Zagoren
Fred Wright
Randy Wayne White
ILL. Edward McCullars 33 Degree
Claude Phillips
Matt Bonner
W:. Bart Howard
M.W:. James W. Ford
W:. Isidro Lopez
Ed Lawler

FMB362 Perpetual Members (Deceased)

William Forrester
Edward Hasemeir
Curt Kammer
Eugene Ketcham
W:. William Mazur
Perry Merrell
W:. James Michael
W:. Chester Townsend
Herbert Wrozina

W:. Clyde Curry
W:. Dan Nichols