Greetings from the East,
I thought we would start our year out with an ambitious month for Fort Myers Beach Lodge. We are hitting the ground running with two degrees this month. I would like to congratulate Brother S.W. Derek Vaneske for conferring a wonderful fellowcraft degree. Also, a congratulation to Brother Vinnie Abatiello for being past to the degree of fellowcraft.
Special thanks to Brother Chris Tillman for his Wonderful Winding Staircase lecture. The Winding Stairs, even by the shape that they represent, are symbols of faith and courage. The Winding Stairs lead us to an unknown life. Yet, we climb because we have faith, and because we are filled with an inquiring mind and courage. The Winding Stairs leads to our destiny, and the wages to be earned by the Fellowcraft are worth the risk.
Our second meeting this month, on February 16, is the Entered Apprentice Degree. This will be conferred by Brother J.W. Mark Stewart, and I hope to see many of my brothers this night. I look forward to a great start to our year!
W.M:. M.J. Kenny